Biomedical Engineering

Columbia University Sues Illumina over DNA Sequencing Patents

. by Kent Harrington

Columbia professor Jingyue Ju, early co-inventor of the fluorescence energy transfer labeling technology that enabled the development of high-throughput DNA sequencers, finds himself in the middle of a patent protection lawsuit that will affect some of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies.

SBE’s 6th International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

. by ChEnected Guest

This year's meeting, Bionanoscience and Bioengineering for Translational Medicine, will foster greater knowledge exchange and collaboration in the areas of bioengineering and nanotechnology – two interdisciplinary fields that cut across and integrate various areas in science, engineering, and medicine to create breakthroughs in biomedical research.

A Universal Anesthesia Machine that Works Without Power

. by ChEnected Guest

Ted Talks presents Erica Frenkel, a program officer at UAM Global, the company that offers a cost-effective scaleable solution for putting anesthesia machines that works in rugged environments often associated with developing countries. The machine is in 13 hospitals and 4 countries and new partnerships with NGOs will likely increase that number. Watch the video

Printing A Human Kidney

. by Kent Harrington

Atala, whose team developed the first lab-grown organ, explains how his lab's 3-D printing technology is used to create human organs. In addition to the bladder that was transplanted, Wake Forest has also managed to engineer miniature kidneys from bio-materials and cells.

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