Office Life

Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

. by Cynthia Mascone

Texting, calling, checking the time in a meeting—which is acceptable, and under what circumstances? See how your cell phone etiquette measures up against the average business person.

Thinking (and Working) Outside the Cubicle

. by Arjun Gopalratnam

Long a standard of office life, the cubicle is evolving and even disappearing in some companies. Following are some thoughts on the state of the workplace. Join in and share your thoughts about how and where you're most productive.

The Credibility Threshold

. by Aurian Campbell

To be a good networker, you've got to first deal with the Credibility Threshold. In other words, to discuss the business you are both there to discuss, you have to first (a) indicate how experienced you are, and (b) show that you understand the industry.

Are You Chemically Dependent on Coffee?

. by Stuart Krueger

Do you drink coffee in the morning to help jump start your day? Do you enjoy the smell of coffee, maybe too much? Is your first born named Folgers? If you answered “yes” to at least 2 of these questions you’re like most Americans.

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