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AIChE YPC Newsletter - Fall 2014

. by Jonathan Haughton

Welcome to 2014's fourth edition of the Latest News. This newsletter is brought to you by the YPC News Team and is meant to give you the latest and greatest news and information from around the organization.

August 2014 CEP Preview

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This month, learn about smart grids, spay nozzle selection, the basics of chemical plant production capacity, and much more.

May 2014 CEP Preview

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Take a guided tour through an oil refinery in the pages of CEP this month, and learn about 3-D printed prosthetics, the latest in biofuels, and much more.

AIChE’s 2013 Awards Gala

. by Douglas B. Clark

This year's AIChE’s 2013 Awards Gala was held yesterday evening at The Plaza in New York City, with the theme of "Recognizing Excellence in Engineering Ethics.”

October 2013 CEP Preview

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This month, CEP features lithium-ion batteries, looking at battery basics, their many uses, and much more.

September 2013 CEP Preview

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This month, CEP takes a close look at guidelines for protective clothing, financial indicators that can help you keep your project on track for success, hazardous-material treatment and much more.

First Solar Snaps Up Silicon Startup TetraSun

. by Kent Harrington

For thin-film mega-company First Solar, the two-year crisis caused by the solar module supply glut may be almost over. The largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States surprised silicon valley by announcing that it will buy startup TetraSun, which makes high-capacity silicon solar cells.

May 2013 CEP Preview

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This month, CEP features a look at improving process safety with near-miss analysis (full article downloadable). You'll also find tips for selecting energy-saving flowmeters, developing an effective air-pollution-control strategy, and much more.

YP Perspective: Southwest Regional Student Conference

. by ChEnected Guest

One of the best 2013 AIChE Student Regional Conferences this year was in Lubbock, TX, hosted by the Texas Tech University, for the Southwest Region. From the Murder Mystery, to the intense ChemE Car competition; nothing could be better than interacting and volunteering with future Young Professional AIChE members.

April 2013 CEP Preview

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This month, CEP features membrane filtration and also looks at a variety of other news and topics, including a look at the latest on graphene, Singapore's chemicals industry, and much more.

February 2013 CEP Preview

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Questions about career transitions? Or want to know more about using recycled water for cooling tower makeup? Check out this preview of February's CEP Magazine for these topics and much more.

January 2013 CEP Preview

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This month, CEP takes a close look at loop tuning, with a look at guidelines and strategies. You'll also have a chance to learn more about improving process hazard analysis (full-article download included), learn more about chemical industry prospects, and much more.

T. Boone Pickens Wants Truckers To Start Dumping Diesel

. by Kent Harrington

T. Boone Pickens wants you to know that if that long-haul truck barreling along the freeway next to you seems quieter, no, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. It's a good bet the truck's fueled by liquid natural gas, and you've just witnessed a small part of Pickens' grand, over-arching energy plan.

Highlight an AIChE Benefit: Networking

. by Arjun Gopalratnam

In the past few newsletters we have covered online resources that AIChE offers to all members for continuing education, namely, eLearning, Webinars, and eLibrary. Most of our members, however, choose to be a part of AIChE year after year not because of the education resources, but because of the community.

Young Professionals Newsletter: Winter 2012

. by Elizabeth Guenther

Are you a student or young professional? Are you interested in the benefits of AIChE Membership? Are you interested in learning more about the Young Professionals Committee and what it does within AIChE? If you answered yes to any of these questions be sure to check out this edition of the YP Newsletter!

The Latest YPC News

. by ChEnected Guest

After another very successful Annual Student & Professional Conferences, YPC is beginning to plan for the 2013 year. Check out what YPC is up to!

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