Avoiding Technology Agreement Traps [On Location]

. by Martin Bergstedt

Patent licensing and other technology agreements can be great tools, but a bad agreement, or an ineffective agreement process, can be strategically and financially devastating to both sides of the transaction. Check out these tips to avoid falling into common traps.

To Be or Not To Be... An Engineer

. by Aurian Campbell

Yes, being a professional means that you get letters after your name, and yes it may make getting that next job a little easier, but I'd like to get your opinion on something. Can I venture to say that certification doesn't necessarily make the engineer?

When Business and Chemistry Collide

. by Elizabeth Guenther

The ongoing saga of the Air Products attempted hostile takeover of Airgas has come to a conclusion—for now. Late Tuesday night, a year after this battle began, a Delaware Court ruled against Air Products and did not force a redemption of Airgas’s "poison pill."

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