Celebrate Pi With a Theme Song

. by Kent Harrington

Technically, a Pi Day song should never end, but that would crash YouTube. And probably bore most listeners. So the music video in the right hand window will get you started and then you can hum it as long as you want.

Cubelets—Modular, Robotic Good Times

. by John Vasko

Cubelets are a robotic construction kit according to the company that created them, Modular Robotics. Modular Robotics has put together a good video (viewable in the panel to the right) explaining how cubelets work.

What's curious about the video is that Modular Robotics uses a "Dutch Mountain Man" to explain cubelets. It's quite well done, actually, and somewhat funny. But I started to think about how peculiar this was, mostly because there are no mountains in the Netherlands to speak of.

Lady Gaga's "Telephone" Meets the Chromosome!

. by Douglas B. Clark

This week we were introduced to this Lady Gaga parody, thanks to the people at NPR's Science Friday and Talking Science. According to Talking Science, the star of the video is Josephine Coburn, a freshman from from UC Berkeley. As Lady Gallium, she transforms Lady Gaga's song "Telephone" into a great lesson on genetics, titled "Chromosome."

Are You in ChE-Harmony?

. by ChEnected Guest

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