Free Faculty Process Safety Workshops

. by Jing Chen

In recognition of the work that academic faculty do to prepare the next generation of chemical engineers, AIChE is partnering with industry leaders to provide free faculty workshops in process safe

How Green Is Your School?

. by Elizabeth Pavone

Prospective college students interested in comparing colleges based on their commitment to environmentalism can look to Sierra Magazine’s ninth annual “Cool Schools” ranking of Am

AIChE at USASEF: Doing Our Part for STEM Education

. by Francis Petrocelli

What’s a hydrogel? How do chemical engineers design mixers for viscous fluids such as chocolate? These and other questions were answered at the AIChE-sponsored booth at the recent 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF) in Washington, D.C.

MBA the ChemE Way

. by Emily Fragenberg

Considering an MBA? “MBA the ChemE Way” session in San Antonio gave a quick snapshot into planning and applying to business schools, a look into core classes every MBA takes, and some words from experienced MBAs.

Where Are All the Women?

. by ChEnected Guest

Adina D. Sterling, assistant professor of strategy at Washington University Olin Business School, shares her own thoughts and experiences and invites your opinions on STEM gender equality. What will it take to bring more women to STEM professions? Join in the conversation.

Why Not South Africa?

. by June Wispelwey

Sometimes my job takes me to unexpected places. A few weeks ago, I flew to South Africa to attend the South African Conference for Chemical Engineers, give a talk on chemical engineering education in the U.S., and meet with the World Chemical Engineering Council.

AIChE Seeking ChE Experts for eLearning Course

. by ChEnected Guest

UPDATE: Proposal Deadline Has Been Extended Until August 1, 2012. AIChE is soliciting proposals from qualified chemical engineering experts to develop an eLearning course for practicing chemical engineers who are preparing for the US Chemical PE Exam administered by the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying).

Dow Solutionists in School

. by ChEnected Guest

The Dow Solutionists in School program was created to spark innovation in students. Check out what Dow is doing to fuel interest in chemistry and the sciences.

YCOSST at EPA’s P3 Sustainable Design Expo: People, Prosperity, and Planet

. by ChEnected Guest

The P3 Program is a design competition sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which promotes college students researching sustainable solutions to current and future issues. P3 stands for People, Prosperity and the Planet. Through this EPA program, college students can benefit people, promote prosperity and protect the planet by designing solutions that move us towards a sustainable future.

Students Find Amazon Fungus That Binges on Petrochemical Junkfood

. by Kent Harrington

Each year 16 students sign up for the Yale rainforest lab, which features a two-week expedition during spring break, followed by intensive research analyzing hundreds of samples brought back from the headwaters of the Amazon. This year, one of the samples has shown potential for landfill cleanup, given its appetite for polyurethane.

K-12 Outreach: Hershey Company Shadow Program

. by Francis Petrocelli

For the past several years, the Susquehanna AIChE chapter has sponsored a shadow program for high school students at a handful of local businesses. One of the most active programs has been at The Hershey Company (THC). Each spring, a number of engineers at THC have been involved with a half-day shadow program that involves exposing four to six high school students to chemical engineering.

Wahoo Wizards: A University of Virginia Classroom Outreach Story

. by ChEnected Guest

Wahoo Wizards is a community outreach program that was started eleven years ago and is supported by the AIChE student chapter at the University of Virginia. Named after the unofficial mascot of the university, this program aims to immerse K-6 students in the Charlottesville, VA, community in science and engineering.

K-12 Outreach – ChE’s Giving Back

. by Francis Petrocelli

AIChE, through its Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC), wants to establish a community of its members who are interested in using K-12 outreach as a way to spread the message about the positive impact that chemical engineers have on society, and about the great career opportunities that exist in our profession.

How ChE Prepared Me for Business (and How It Didn’t): Finance

. by Arkan Kayihan

Most engineers I knew in my MBA program went into finance. It’s not too surprising: you need to be analytical and highly skilled in Excel. Our academic cousins in Physics were applying differential equations at Long Term Capital Management (the case study for “math gone wrong”) and prior to the housing crisis Wall Street was even hiring engineers without their MBAs (article). But there is a difference between finance for the Street and the finance used to drive operations. We’ll focus on the latter and how it ties into our fundamental building block for ChE: The Material & Energy Balance.

How ChE Prepared Me for Business (and How It Didn’t): Intro

. by Arkan Kayihan

An experience all chemical engineers (ChE) share is the variety of reactions they get at parties: “You’re a chemist? You destroy the environment? You have a life outside of crunching numbers? Or perhaps the reaction is the inevitable eye-glazing and quick transition to the weather. Occasionally, one meets a person who knows a ChE and their reaction is something more along the lines of, “So, you’re a smarty pants.”

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