December 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, cybersecurity and the role of process safety, hydrogen's growing importance in transportation, how best to manage change for small modifications, and much more.

September 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, a special section on industrial decarbonization, tips for automating measurements at your plant, a look at how chemical engineers can help with solutions for the opioid epidemic, and more.

July 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, learn about ultrasonic flowmeters, understand what makes an effective toxic shelter, get tips for starting a robotics program, and much more.

March 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, read about where effort is most required to break down gender biases in the workplace, learn how mobile tools can help reduce human error, get tips for thermal hazards assessments, and more.

December 2021 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, get tips for finding the capacity of a distillation column, a well as a primer on the Allam power cycle, plus hydrogen safety fundamentals, and much more.

October 2021 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

Get tips on designing liquid-liquid extraction systems, understand how emergency isolation valves can mitigate early pool fires, catch up on Institute news, and much more.

Join the First #AIChEchat on Twitter

. by Sonja Bradfield

Join other chemical engineers on Twitter for a live chat about renewable natural gas on September 15 at 1PM EST by following our handle @CheEnected and the hashtag #AIChEchat. Anyone is welcome to join.

March 2021 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This month, a primer on process intensification, troubleshooting once-through reboilers, using renewable power for carbon dioxide mitigation, and more.

December 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month, tips for quick assessment of distillation columns, a look at teaching process control topics, advice on patenting your work, and more.

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus — A Complex Balance

. by Izabela Balicka

Chemical engineers and biological engineers, along with other researchers and scientists, play crucial roles in addressing the many challenges of the food-energy-water nexus. Read about some of the promising directions research has taken in search of solutions.

July 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month, a special section on the cosmetics industry, plus safety incident prevention, a look at the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, and much more.

May 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

A downloadable section on battery energy storage,  a look at hot-vapor bypass systems, tips for troubleshooting process control issues, and more.

Earth Day 2020

. by Sonja Bradfield

Celebrate Earth Day 2020 with interviews and resources focused on chemical engineers' efforts to improve the environment. 

November 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month in CEP, tips for getting your research published, advice for strong video presentations, a look at reducing plant energy costs, and much more.

October 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

Get great advice on implementing ISO 50001, check out the special section on industrial biotechnology, delve into Canada's chemical industry, and much more.

Jeff Erikson on Carbon Management

. by Keith Joseph

Jeff Erikson of the Global CCS Institute shares thoughts on top trends in carbon management and discusses goals for the Carbon Management Technology Conference.

April 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

In this month's issue, a look at managing severe weather and flood risks (open access article), tips for optimizing industrial fermenters, bioprocessing safety, and much more.

Moving to Mars

. by Joshua Flader

Headlines boast liquid water, potential for life, and successful unmanned missions, but manned travel to Mars will require an enormous amount of work—and many chemical engineers.

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