Hydrogen safety

December 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, cybersecurity and the role of process safety, hydrogen's growing importance in transportation, how best to manage change for small modifications, and much more.

Watch Our First LinkedIn Live Event on Hydrogen Safety

. by John Vasko

Hear about hydrogen’s role in achieving a carbon-neutral world by 2050, and learn how experience with LNG transport comes into play, the role of policy, and how electrolysis and micro-algae might figure in overall hydrogen production.

December 2021 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This issue, get tips for finding the capacity of a distillation column, a well as a primer on the Allam power cycle, plus hydrogen safety fundamentals, and much more.

Will James on Hydrogen Safety

. by Keith Joseph

As the hydrogen economy grows, so does the need for technical information and know-how about hydrogen safety. Read more about safety advances.

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