Modular Chemical Process Intensification

March 2023 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

Learn how to use vapor-liquid equilibrium properties for inferential models, improve safety with better site selection and buffer zone maintenance, and much more.

April 2022 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This month, read the special section on modular chemical process intensification, get tips on PHA studies in a virtual environment, learn about chemical engineers’ role in a nuclear energy renaissance, and much more.

Join the First #AIChEchat on Twitter

. by Sonja Bradfield

Join other chemical engineers on Twitter for a live chat about renewable natural gas on September 15 at 1PM EST by following our handle @CheEnected and the hashtag #AIChEchat. Anyone is welcome to join.

March 2021 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson

This month, a primer on process intensification, troubleshooting once-through reboilers, using renewable power for carbon dioxide mitigation, and more.

March 2020 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This issue, a special section dedicated to process intensification, plus articles on perfecting incident investigations, preventing corrosion, career tips, and much more.

March 2019 CEP Preview

. by Cynthia Mascone

This month, an up-close look at process intensification, plus an intro to dividing-wall columns, a look at catalyst replacement economics, and more.

March 2018 CEP Preview

. by Douglas B. Clark

This issue delves into process intensification, modularization in chemical processing, and takes a look at characterizing adsorbents for gas separations—plus much more.

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