Process Safety

May 2017 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson
Understand the pros & cons of modular design, learn to optimize compressed air systems, reduce produce contamination, and more.
Cover of March 2017 CEP – Cover Feature: Work-Life Balance

March 2017 CEP Preview

. by Karen Simpson
This month's CEP Magazine looks at managing a healthy and enjoyable work-life balance, along with features on safely servicing relief devices and on improving production...

January 2017 CEP Preview

. by
This month CEP looks at troubleshooting, offers a feature on process safety management don'ts (read full text online), looks at air-cooled heat exchanger performance, and much...

December 2016 CEP Preview

. by Douglas B. Clark
This month, CEP features a look at business planning, as well as pump sizing, reducing process safety risks with the bow-tie diagram, and much more.

October 2016 CEP Preview

. by
This month's cover feature focuses on investigating process incidents as a means of preventing future incidents.

July 2016 CEP Preview

. by
In the special energy section this month, CEP looks at hydrogen fuel cells, delving into the technology's obstacles and its potential.

June 2016 CEP Preview

. by
This month a special SBE supplement looks at commercializing industrial biotechnology.

April 2016 CEP Preview

. by
This month, tips for including water conservation in your energy-management program, an introduction to mammalian cell culture, pointers for preventing caking of bulk solids, and...

February 2016 CEP Preview

. by
SAFETY Predict Incidents with Process Safety Performance Indicators Become a seer of process safety incidents with carefully chosen process safety performance indicators (PSPIs)...

September 2015 CEP Preview

. by
HEAT TRANSFER Cool Down with Liquid Nitrogen Many low-temperature processes leverage nitrogen's cooling and freezing capabilities. Find out what methods are used in what...

April 2015 CEP Preview

. by
Career Catalyst Humanitarian Chemical Engineering A broader view of ethics and professional responsibility considers the engineer’s impact on humanity. Read this article now...

March 2015 CEP Preview

. by
This month CEP features a look at lignocellulosic biofuels, from various production processes to what's needed to scale up bioenergy operations.

January 2015 CEP Preview

. by
Special Section: Sustainability Sustainability Trends in the Chemical Industry The AIChE Sustainability Index provides benchmarks of a company’s performance on a variety of...

Interview with OSHA's Jordan Barab

. by Louisa Nara
Jordan Barab, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, gives an overview of Executive Order 13650, which aims to improve chemical...

February 2014 CEP Preview

. by
This month CEP looks at controlling boiler emissions, reviews distillation revamp pitfalls to avoid, and presents an unconventional approach to process safety.

Ethics and the Chemical Engineer

. by ChEnected Guest
What do future chemical engineering leaders know about ethics? Ethics and safety have become a major part of the chemical engineering profession. AIChE's 2013 Gala in November...

What Is the Goal?

. by Teresa Jurgens-Kowal
When is the last time you read a novel that offered insights you could apply on the job as a process engineer? Check out the classic The Goal for a must-read drama that takes...


. by Margot Berger
CCPS and DECHEMA are co-sponsoring this conference in the field of process safety.

January 2013 CEP Preview

. by
This month, CEP takes a close look at loop tuning, with a look at guidelines and strategies. You'll also have a chance to learn more about improving process hazard analysis (full-...
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