AIChE Visits Brazil [On Location]

Otis Shelton, June Wispelwey, and Bette Lawler--AIChE's president-elect, executive director, and operations director--are visiting Brazil to collaborate with related organizations and forge new partnerships there. They are meeting with members, regional licensing organizations, and societies in both S?o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Here are some photos from their visit:

June Wispelwey (AIChE Executive Director), Prof. Dr. Jose Glauco Grandi with Conselho Regional de Quimica (CRQ4), Otis Shelton ( AIChE president-elect), Americo Diniz Neta from Brasken, and Bette Lawler, AIChE Operations Director

AIChE Meeting with ABIQUIM (Brazilian Chemical Industry Association)

Bette Lawler (AIChE); Americo Diniz Neta (Braksen); Gumercindo Ferreira da Silva, representative of CONFEA; June Wispelwey (AIChE); Otis Shelton (AIChE)