June 2012 CEP Preview

SAFETY: The Intersection of Process Safety and Corporate Responsibility (click here to read this article now)
As chemical engineers and leaders in the chemical process industries, we must ensure that process safety is integral to every aspect of what we and our companies do.
(This article is a condensed version of the keynote address presented by Michael J. Dolan, Senior Vice President of Exxon Mobil Corp., at the AIChE 2012 Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety in Houston, TX, Apr. 2, 2012.)

SAFETY: Decoding Safety Data Sheets
A safety data sheet holds a wealth of information that can help you safely and effectively handle chemicals in the lab, at the pilot scale, and on the production floor.

BACK TO BASICS: Harness Electricity to Operate Valves
Actuators automate valves by converting an input signal into motion. This article explains the basics of electric actuator design and explores the different types of electric actuators.

REACTIONS AND SEPARATIONS: Producing Nitrogen via Pressure Swing Adsorption
Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) can be a cost-effective method of onsite nitrogen generation for a wide range of purity and flow requirements.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Process Technology Networks in the Netherlands
Marked by a culture of open innovation, the Dutch system of collaboration creates unique opportunities for advances in process technology.

NEWS: Squid and Zebrafish Inspire Color-Changing Technology ... Bionic Eye Offers Ray of Hope to the Blind ... Solar Materials with a Twist ... High-Power X-Rays Uncover Molecular Structures ... High-Yield Process Makes Plastic from Biomass ... Piezoelectric Power Generation Goes Viral ... Drug-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match for Stealthy Nanoparticles ... Mind Control: Brain Signals Move Robotic Arm ... Chem Economics: Industrial Gases Create Tremendous Value in the U.S. Economy ... AIChE Journal Highlight: Mixing It Up: Simultaneously Designing the Process and Its Control System

PLUS: Letters ... What's New: Air & Waste Management Association Annual Conference and Exhibit Preview... Process Safety Beacon: Nitrogen - Hazard and Safeguard ... Process Automation Corner: The Chemical Industry Phoenix ... Patent Update: Co-Inventors: Who Owns the Patent Rights?... Product Digest: Engineering Services ... Software ... Institute News: AIChE 2011 Financial Statement; New Fellows; Member News; Conferences, Webinars and Instructor-Led Training Schedule ... Profile: Mohsen Almajnouni: Progress is a Process

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