Disciplined Adherence to Standards

Vision 20/20 - Five Tenets

Disciplined Adherence to Standards means using recognized design, operations, and maintenance standards.  These standards are followed everytime, all the time, and are continually improved. 

What does it mean in 20/20?

  • Companies identify, document, and diligently follow standards for new designs.
  • Companies also identify, document, and diligently follow a set of standards applicable to existing equipment.  These standards for existing equipment set the minimum expectations for design, operations, and maintenance. 
  • Companies identify and manage process safety risks arising from gaps against these standards.
  • As industry standards evolve, companies codify significant new learnings in their identified standards for existing equipment.

What is the value?   

  • Use of standards promotes efficiency, reduces major accident potential, and minimizes opportunities for error in design, operations, and maintenance.
  • Disciplined Adherence to Standards supports both safe AND reliable operations.

What can I do?

  • Ensure a system exists to effectively use industry and company standards.
  • Make sure that the system applies to existing equipment.
  • As a leader, assure standards are followed and respond accordingly.