Quick Start to PERD Participation

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Quick start steps

1.      Contact Dave Belonger to register as a new participant.

2.      Obtain data export specifications/templates from PERD.

3.      Identify facilities for which you will submit data.  We request that you initially select a single unit or area and submit all master and transactional data for all technical tags in that area.  If you are running SAP, these data can be submitted via standard SAP reports. See notes for additional information.

4.      Submit data extracts to PERD. 

5.      PERD will schedule a meeting with your company within 3-4 weeks of your submittal for the data review.  We will review data for deficiencies and required steps to bring your dataset into PERD quality management compliance.


1.      New data contributors who have not paid dues will be granted access to the PERD ERP Sandbox environment for a period of six months.

2.      Data contributors who have paid the annual dues are granted access to the PERD ERP Sandbox environment.

3.      Data contributing members with PERD quality management compliance will be given access to the Process Equipment Reliability Database. Note: This also requires a minimum of 3 data contributors to preserve anonymity.


1.      Data contribution quick start is targeted at operating companies.  Access to PERD ERP solution sandbox or Process Equipment Reliability Database by other 3rd party software providers is not permitted.

2.      Data contribution requires a representative reliability and maintenance data submittal from your company and information pertaining to your data collection process.  The minimum submittal is 100 malfunction events and corresponding preventive maintenance/inspections data for equipment involved in those malfunctions.

3.      PERD will assess the data set that you submit, prepare an evaluation and data quality report, and review findings with your personnel.