What is the value of the membership?

Participation that climbs the PERD ladder of success enables the following benefits:

  • Ability to quantify risks and measure the reliability and availability of plants, systems, and equipment
  • Ability to benchmark plant performance internally and externally
  • Enable improved maintenance optimization
  • Support of risk based maintenance planning insight for improvement in the design of new systems/equipment
  • Support optimization of life cycle costs
  • Provide a foundation for the improvement of existing data management systems

Participating companies will receive:

  •  Membership on the Project Steering Committee, which discusses technical aspects of the database and its operation and which provides technical guidance to the project.
  • Guidelines for Improved Plant Reliability through Data Collection and Analysis, data collection protocols.
  • Access to PERD Database software, designed to house aggregated reliability data as well as other company reliability data.
  • Access to technical documentation as it is developed. This includes access to database application software updates as it evolves.
  • Participating companies that do not contribute data or do not have systems, which provide suitable quality data, will be able to request data on an a la carte basis for an additional fee.

Participants providing reliability data will receive:

  • Periodic distribution of aggregated data provided by participants to the database, if the participant has contributed the requisite amount of original data from its plant operations;
  • Access to failure rate and repair data for new equipment for which they lack experience; and
  • Access to failure rate and repair data for existing equipment that has been contributed by others with similar operations.

Participant Expectations

  • There are no minimum participant requirements beyond paying the initial registration and annual dues
  • The degree of benefit a company derives is a function of the degree of involvement, allowing the participant to climb the PERD ladder of success. PERD provides a fundamentally sound infrastructure, that a participant can leverage for increasing benefits
  • There are no minimum data requirements for participants. They choose what data fields they are willing to provide (as long as it is compatible with the PERD software) and when they are willing to provide the data.
  • Participants are offered the opportunity to get technically involved, but it is their choice as to the level of involvement.

To discuss or join PERD, contact Dave Belonger at (609) 654-4914 or by email at