Errata sheet for Estimating the Flammable Mass of a Vapor Cloud

Chapter 5.2, page 151, Equation 5.9:  Put left bracket after 0.249 and right bracket after 1.041.  This makes it consistent with page 246 after the corrections listed below.

Appendix I Evaluating flammable mass for Gaussian dispersion models: instantaneous, point source 
page 243:  In Equation I.9b the exp should be erf  (error function instead of exponential).
  • In Equation I.12, the first two exp should be erf, but not the ones within square brackets.
  • In Equation I.11, the denominator term for v should be c-subscript LFL instead of c-subscript UFL
Appendix J, Evaluating flammable mass for Gaussian dispersion models: continuous release, approximate method page 246, Top line, equations number is missing. Should be (J.3)
  • Top line correction to Eq J.3: remove the <0.1 term.
  • Second line, should be for 1/L <or = (use the symbol for this that I can't type in Email) 0
  • Equation J.6: subscript to f should be z2 .
  • Equation J.6: inside brackets should have 1/L + C6  instead of 1/L - C6.