Errata sheet for Electrostatic Ignitions of Fires and Explosions

Page 23

  • Figure 2.4,   Change “v” to “Q” for “Charge” and “Discharge”  
  • Next to last paragraph, last line,  Change “Table 2.2” to “Table 2.1” 
Page 34
  • Figure 3.3,  Sparks shown at top of pile should be around the pile at the walls of the silo 
Page 78
  • Table 6.3,  Insert minus sign under “Polyimide” 
Page 112
  • Nomogram 9.1,  First line of text should read “(To convert m/sec to ft/sec ….)” 
Page 114
  • Nomogram 9.3, Vertical Lines “v” and “vd”,  Remove asterisks after numbers  
Page 168 References in last paragraph,  
  • “Equation E2” should be “Equation E1” 
  • “Equation E3” should be “Equation E2”