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Promotion of Process Safety Competency for Operators


Almaiyad, S. - Presenter, SABIC-IBN SINA

Developing, sustaining, and enhancing the organization’s process safety competency is one of five elements in the CCPS Risk Based Process Safety pillar of committing to process safety. Organization shall make sure that front line employee (i.e. operators) are competent to handle risk associated with the process.

Ibn Sina has developed process safety competency matrix and embedded it the Job Qualification Program (JQP) of operators for all levels. The competency matrix includes understanding the process risk, consequence of deviation from operating limits, the importance of robust management of change procedure, etc. The JQP uses questioners to assess the level of understanding and fulfilling of competency requirement for each level.

This paper discusses Ibn Sina initiative in development of process safety competency matrix for operators.