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Pre-Conference Courses

Two (2) optional one-day courses are being offered prior to the start of the 2nd CCPS Global Summit on Process Safety. These courses will serve as a complement to the topics and themes covered during the Summit.  Both courses will take place on November 2 from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Space in each course is limited. Attendees who are interested in participating in a course are strongly encouraged to register early.

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Recognizing Catastrophic Incident Warning Signs

Developed by CCPS - Center for Chemical Process Safety

Instructors: Louisa Nara, CCPS and Charles Cowley, CCPS

Do you understand why you are having process safety incidents and what to do to prevent them and minimize their impact? What if you could predict if an incident was going to happen before it does? You can’t predict exactly when an incident will occur, but you can practice a higher degree of situational awareness and key in on the incident warning signs that occur before an incident and then act on the warning signs once you have identified them. 

This course will provide guidance and real-world experiences on how to recognize catastrophic incident warning signs. Identifying these subtle indicators of weaknesses in existing business processes and safety programs is an excellent way to drive continued improvement in your process safety program. Catastrophic incidents do not just happen; they often result from weaknesses in management systems used to control an operation. Often, weaknesses provide warning signs – subtle or not-so-subtle indicators that something is wrong or about to go wrong.

For more information on this course, including a general course outline, please visit the official course website. Click Here

Barriers Verification - 'Deep Dive' Approach

Developed by ABB

Instructor: Allen Ormond, ABB

The learning from major accidents invariably points to failures in safeguards / risk control systems or the barriers that are intended to either prevent or protect against hazardous events occurring, or else mitigate their harmful effects should they do so. Maintaining effective barriers is a key and important aspect of good process safety management. Barrier verification is an important activity in monitoring and reviewing their effectiveness.

This one day course will enable attendees to understand the ‘deep dive’ approach to carrying out barrier verification as part of a program for monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of safeguards that are in place for managing major hazards. The course will comprise presentation and workshop sessions covering the key steps involved in conducting such a verification on a typical major hazards plant. ABB’s experience of the benefits realized from barriers verification by major hazard operating management will be covered along with how the verification complements process safety management system auditing and process safety performance monitoring.


  • Registration and refreshments
  • Introduction to the barrier concept
  • Identifying and defining barriers
  • Scoping the barrier verification deep dive requirements
  • Planning a barrier verification study
  • Conducting a deep dive barrier verification
  • Barrier verification as an integral part of monitoring and reviewing process safety management