Project 251: Process Safety in Pilot Plants and Laboratories

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This project will develop and publish a book providing advisory guidance on process safety for laboratories and pilot plants using as a basis the management system elements presented in the 2007 CCPS Guidelines for Risk Based Process Safety. The current version of NFPA 45 (2011) clearly draws a distinction between laboratories and pilot plants and focuses only on lab fire protection and provides no detailed guidance on many aspects of process safety. This book will pull together both literature information and company experience, including incident case study examples, to present management system processes and hazard controls practices appropriate for bench and small scale chemical operations.  Twenty four organizations are participating with 19 CCPS member companies, 4 SAChE university representatives and 1 DOE National Lab (chair of NFPA 45 committee).

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Late - In control
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February 14, 2017
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