CCPS Project Subcommittees

Each year the CCPS Technical Steering Committee develops a list of projects, and a Project Subcommittee is established for each approved CCPS project or group of associated projects. Members of the Technical Steering Committee suggest individuals with the appropriate experience and expertise for particular projects.

Active CCPS Projects are listed below. CCPS Project Subcommittees consist of at least eight professionals from sponsor manufacturers or users of chemicals, with no more than one representative from each company. Click here to view Roles & Responsibilities of CCPS teams.

Note: Only logged-in CCPS members can view project statuses. They may also download the active project list in MS Word format by clicking here (please wait a few seconds for the download to start after clicking this link).

If you would like to volunteer for a project or have questions about a project, please contact Louisa Nara, CCPS Technical Director at

Propose a Project 

Benchmarking Process Safety Management Systems

A formal, systematic PSM benchmarking program that allows participants to understand the strengths and weakness of their current process safety management process, set definitive goals for improvement, and define their programs position relative to others.

Process Equipment Reliability Database (PERD)

PERD is looking for companies to download data for equipment of their choosing into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database for submittal to PERD. PERD will take the data and calculate reliability parameters for things like mean time to failure for specific failure modes where such data is sufficient.

Process Safety Beacon

Provide timely and informative process safety messages directly to manufacturing personnel to improve process safety awareness.

Process Safety Boot Camp - 2nd Generation

Expand present Process Safety Boot Camp Course to a series of associated courses that address different audiences. Depending on the audience needs, the courses would range from Awareness, to Executive overview for Decision Making to Engineering Design, Operation and Maintenance, to introductions for Students and Professors. Team Composition: Select a core team of current Boot Camp Instructors and Industry Representatives that have gone through the Boot Camp or are associated with other Training / Education activities. Having one or two representatives from the Training Departments of CCPS...

Process Safety Incident Database (PSID)

To operate an easily accessible secure database for sharing incident information among members with a focus on the lessons learned from the incident. The PSID "Committee" is comprised of representatives from only paying member companies. Only manufacturing companies are eligible to join. A separate membership and set of obligations from regular CCPS membership is required because of the confidentiality of the data. Membership pricing is very reasonable and includes access for every employee of the company joining if approved by that company’s PSID Administrator.

Project 237: Guidelines for Barrier Risk Management (Bow Tie Analysis)

This Concept Book would review the foundation of the method, provide instructions on how to draw the bow tie correctly and how to avoid common errors. Typical constructs for typical process threats – corrosion, impact, improper operation / human error, operational upsets, etc. would be demonstrated. The risk management information associated with every barrier would be explained, e.g. barrier owner, performance expectation, pending actions, related documents. The Guideline would address how to convene a team to develop the bow tie diagram and how the review process. Its use in ongoing...

Project 244: Process Safety-Vision 2020

Vision 20/20 is an effort to envision the unique characteristics that companies with great process process safety performance will have in the year 2020. If those characteristics are identified, then companies can seek to meet those characteristics and organizations such as CCPS can further develop products to support the improvement.

Project 246: Guidelines for Siting and Layout of Facilities, 2nd Edition

This project would revise and update the current CCPS publication “Guidelines for Facility Siting and Layout”, including information on occupied portable buildings, facility and plant layout. Reference documents would include but not limited to API 752 and 753 as well as OSHA/EPA interpretation letters and recently published CCPS books touching on this subject.

Project 247: Integrating Management Systems and Metrics to Improve Process Safety

The purpose of this Guideline is to tie the use of metrics into integrated EH&SS management systems, integrating PSM and looking at how metrics are used throughout an organization. It should show how metrics can be used as a regular “Check” part of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and the use of metrics to drive more robust and sustainable practices in management review and audits.