Management Award

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who has made a substantial contribution to the management and leadership of engineers involved in the field of chemical engineering. Nominees should be prepared to give a presentation on an important management topic of their choice at the next Annual Meeting if selected.

Management Division Service Award

This award recognizes outstanding service to the AIChE Management Division by a member of the Division. The candidate must have participated in a variety of division activities and demonstrated outstanding leadership over an extended period of time.

NAMF Forum Award

Award for Excellence and Sustained Contributions to Mixing Research and Practice.

NAMF Start-up Grant

Grant to encourage new faculty to begin research careers in areas that impact the general field of fluid mixing technology.  Mixing is an emergent fundamental engineering science, particularly at the meso and micro scale, and one of the last unit operations to submit to formal academic study." ...

NAMF Student Award

The NAMF Student Award was established to encourage, recognize and reward students for quality research in the area of mixing.

NSEF Young Investigator Award

This award recognizes outstanding interdisciplinary research in nanoscience and nanotechnology by engineers or scientists in the early stages of their professional careers (within 10 years of completion of highest degree).