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Attention eLearning Users

We are upgrading our learning platform! As a result, if you have a course in progress, you'll need to complete it by December 24, 2021. Otherwise, you will need to restart the course beginning January 5, 2022 on our new platform. Repurchasing will not be necessary. Contact customer service with any questions.

  • Data as a Digital Asset

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This webinar series explores the idea of data as a digital asset, for improved decision-making, enhanced insights, and greater scope of effectiveness for the manufacturing and processing industries.
  • Manufacturing Challenges & Future Opportunities Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been easy for the manufacturing industry, and the pivoting to future outlook and opportunities poses its own challenges from Machine Learning, Supply Chain Visibility & Management, System Usability, Safety and more. This webinar bundle delves into a range of these...
  • Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing Industry Plant

    Petroleum & Chemical Manufacturing Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    Globally, fuel and petrochemical manufacturers prepare, implement and practice for digital transformation advancements, increased production, emergency situations, and the disruptive fight against COVID-19. This bundled webinar series provides exposure for anyone interested in petroleum and...
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This bundled webinar series provides exposure for anyone interested in the manufacturing and processing component of the pharmaceutical industry.