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  • AI Deployment in Refinery Operations

    Archived Webinar
    Feb 10, 2021
    The process industries have begun to realize value from data analytics and machine learning, following on the success experienced in other manufacturing fields. Now the challenge has shifted to...
  • Biomimicry: Green Chemistry Innovations Inspired by Nature

    Archived Webinar
    May 26, 2021
    We may assume that the functions required by commercial chemicals and materials are different from the functions required by organisms. Upon closer look, however, the overlap of common functions may...
  • Chemical Fuels in a Carbon Neutral Energy System

    Archived Webinar
    Jun 23, 2021
    Mitigating climate change necessitates stopping net carbon dioxide emissions within the coming decades. Part of this transition requires moving from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to...
  • Converting CO2 into Products

    Archived Webinar
    Mar 23, 2022
    Converting CO2 into useful products?? What's up with that?? Many start-up companies are getting funded to convert carbon dioxide into useful products such as chemicals and food using renewable...
  • How Can Nuclear Energy Help Fight Climate Change?

    Archived Webinar
    Aug 25, 2021
    Nuclear energy has looked about the same for the last 60 years. Now, startups and the innovation arms of larger companies are looking to deploy new kinds of reactors in the 2030 timeframe. What's...
  • Reimagining Energy and the Case for Greening Companies

    Archived Webinar
    Nov 17, 2021
    Energy markets are fundamentally changing and shifting towards low carbon – driven by societal expectations, technology, and changes in consumer preferences. bp has been an international oil company...
  • The Changing Feedstock Landscape and the Hurdles of ...

    Archived Webinar
    Nov 17, 2011
    Understand the underlying issues behind these alternative feedstocks needed for chemical manufacturing. Separation issues that need to be solved before some alternatives can become economically...
  • VLS: Great Inventions That Changed The World

    Archived Webinar
    Mar 28, 2013
    You will not only learn about inventions and inventors, but also the impact they have had on our lives and the society and environment in which we live today. Inventions solve problems, but they can...