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  • Protective Materials for First Responders, Football Players, ...

    Live Webinar
    Live Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - 2:00pm-3:00pm
    Listen in on a discussion of the successful formation, unique properties and evolving development of commercial applications of shear thickening fluids (STFs). Learn how STFs are novel field-responsive materials that can be re-engineered to be useful nanocomposites. See how they are being used for...
  • Basics of the Chemical Industry

    eLearning (online) Course
    The chemical industry value chain is complex. In this online course, you’ll gain a high-level review of the manufacture and markets for roughly 70...
  • Crystallization Operations

    Public (classroom) Course
    A practical overview of the basics of crystallization and precipitation and how to apply the fundamentals of crystal growth and nucleation to...
  • Crystallization Process Development

    eLearning (online) Course
    An in-depth overview of what theories, methods and techniques should be on the radar of every engineer involved in crystallization processes and...
  • Particle Technology

    eLearning (online) Course
    Difficulties in handling or processing powders are often overlooked and can result in production stoppages. Gain a practical introduction to particle...
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids

    Public (classroom) Course
    Gain a better understanding of pneumatic conveying problems and principles, allowing you to evaluate and troubleshoot your in-plant systems to...
  • Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids

    eLearning (online) Course
    Learn design and troubleshooting strategies that result in trouble-free flow. This online course addresses challenges like wear, attrition, rate...
  • Nitrogen Asphyxiation Incident at the Valero Refinery

    5/6   in the series Safety and Chemical Engineering Education: Accidents and Prevention
    Academy Video
    One of the most widely experienced hazards of Nitrogen for the process industries is its role as an asphyxiant. To learn more about the incident at...