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  • CCPS 10th Global Congress on Process Safety 2014 Recording ...

    Conference Product Bundle
    Get all 90 recordings for one low price. These papers, delivered during 2014’s 10th Global Congress on Process Safety, cover process safety management and its components in depth. (If you’d like to see the sessions recorded at the 2014 AIChE Spring Meeting just click F uels and...
  • Flames & Fires Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This grouping of past webinars on the subject of Flames & Fires will show you how fires burn and what fuels a fire. Learn about the principle of flammability of vapor/air mixtures. Also learn a basic introduction to flammable materials with the purpose of providing valuable information that a practicing engineer can use to prevent fires and explosions.
  • Process Safety Fundamentals Bundle

    Webinar Product Bundle
    This grouping of webinars on Process Safety will educate you about flammable materials as well as lessons to take away from hazardous incidents. Expand your knowledge of hazard analyses by learning more about material safety data sheets and how industry handles reactive chemical hazards.