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(10c) Pyrolysis: The Renewable Plastics Solution


The world's plastic production is growing at 9% annually, yet only around 10% of these plastics ever get recycled. Plastics, especially post-consumer, can be challenging to recycle due to their variability and contamination, product requirements, and supply chain complexity. As an essential part of our daily lives, it is critical to improve upon the renewability of the plastics lifecycle.

Agilyx has integrated five pillars to address these recovery and recyclability challenges to ensure a renewable plastics solution. Through a proprietary technology platform using integrated feedstock management, research and development, data acquisition and analytics, and predictive modeling, Agilyx can formulate solutions to generate targeted products within base feedstocks. These include virgin-like polymers, low-carbon fuels, and chemical base stocks and intermediaries. The characterization of the chemistry within post-use plastics supports multitudes of pathways for products.

Creating renewable plastics through pyrolysis opens the doors to this largely unutilized resource to help mitigate the need to rely solely on conventional fuels and chemical feedstock production. Circularity for renewable plastics promotes environmental stewardship to manage a lower carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emission. When compared to conventional chemical production, this results in the reduction of the use of virgin materials, promotes the reuse of polymers, and creates an indefinitely recyclable loop.