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Energy Efficiency Solutions for a Resilient Future


Ulloa, J. - Presenter, Constellation

Energy efficiency improvements are often hindered by budget cuts and finite resources, however investments in these advancements can make impactful long-term effects on reducing energy expenses and improving energy equipment, infrastructure and systems. Constellation is a leading energy provider in the United States that works with facilities to achieve their sustainability goals and develop energy resiliency.

Johan Ulloa serves as Distributed Energy and Energy Efficiency Manager at Constellation and can present case studies highlighting the importance of employing the right energy efficiency solutions in order to reduce expenses and improve infrastructure and management systems. Johan can use his experience in managing large distributed energy projects, commercial transactions and partnerships to speak to and provide guidance around common energy challenges facing facilities and best practices for sustainable energy upgrades and implementation. He can also share his perspective on distributed energy trends he is observing across the industry and his predictions for what is to come.