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Chemical Industry Infrastructure Resilience Process.


Jumbo, T. - Presenter, University of PORTHARCOURT

Chemical Industries are the largest manufacturers of almost everything that falls into the large-scale range and as such it's continued stay in business, is imminent to the society at large.

Chemical plant resilience can be ensured: by improving Safety measures and making the existing ones stringent, by employing the best technology assets, by ensuring that operators, gets regular routine training and retraining so as to measure up to the rhythm of current realities that keeps production plants in good business. The plant must not be situated in susceptibility to any form of inevitable natural disasters.

Knowing that some accidents that occurs in plants are as a result of Engineering hitches that Process Control devices would have mitigated, devices such as SCADA, PLCs, DCS, Fire Detectors, erudite fire fighting equipments would be on site and up to date too. Trained personnel to operate these devices should be available. Constant and sufficient checks / turnaround maintenance would be carried out on the plant. Competent personnel would man every asset on site (that has a hazard potentiality). Frequent conduction of environmental analysis that would foretell natural disasters like flood, tsunamis, quakes and weather studies. Obedience to government policies and regulations should be taken seriously. Have Professional Administrative staff to always balance company's expenses with profit.

If all the above are adhered with zero tolerance to obloquy, docility and negligence, the plant and it's assets would be resilient at least to a reasonable extent as the above-mentioned measures are practicable and results-oriented.