(162a) Implementing Simultaneous Operations at Superior Refinery | AIChE

(162a) Implementing Simultaneous Operations at Superior Refinery


After a major fire incident at the Superior Refinery Wisconsin in 2018, a major rebuild project was executed to restore the facility with expanded processing capacity of 49,000 barrels per day (bbls/d) and a full slate of products, including asphalt, diesel, gasoline and heavy fuel oils. A re-start plan that addressed processing unit startups and simultaneous construction and commissioning work led to the implementation of a Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) Process. The SIMOPS process used an activity matrix tool for decision making. The SIMOPS activity matrix was developed with consideration of operational, construction, and commissioning activities. Each activity scenario on the matrix was than assessed and categorized as acceptable, not acceptable, or restricted. A SIMOPS (PIC) or Person-in-Charge was identified to implement the SIMOPS process during the construction, commissioning, and process unit startups. The implementation of the SIMOPS process allowed for work activities to safely continue while starting up process units, thereby accelerating the refinery re-start, leading to early production of asphalt and diesel products.