Application of Layers of Protection Analysis to Prevent Coronavirus Infection | AIChE

Application of Layers of Protection Analysis to Prevent Coronavirus Infection


Garcia-Trinanes, P. - Presenter, University of Greenwich
Aggarwal, S., University of Greenwcih
Many critical coating performance attributes are traditionally rated by researchers by using a visual assessment to quantify and predict film performance. The rating is left up to the researcher to assess in a subjective matter, often using guidelines provided by an industry specification or third parties. New digital image capture technology coupled with controlled lighting equipment eliminates inconsistencies of human visual perception and enables accurate and consistent means to capture and digitize the appearance of coatings. However, digital data capture alone does not address the complexity of rating performance and being able to compare with reference data.

Working toward a holistic digital infrastructure, the Dow Coating Materials team has developed novel processing algorithms used in conjunction with standardized imaging stations to revolutionize the testing of traditionally subjective visual methods for coatings. Through customization of both the hardware and software interface, images are captured in a consistent format, tagging relevant experimental context and metadata. Sophisticated processing algorithms leverage the images to produce robust, quantifiable analysis and ratings devoid of user subjectivity. The resultant data, stored in a centralized database, is available for future access and as a historical record for future algorithm development and improvement. Here we discuss the use of a digital infrastructure for image analysis in select coatings applications, including corrosion resistance and exterior exposure. The deployment of such digital tools improves the consistency and rigor of technical approaches dependent on visual metrics that are ubiquitous in the coatings industry.