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(60f) SULSAFETM Sulfiding Agent – Enhanced Performance for a Sustainable Operation


Boll, J. - Presenter, DORF KETAL
Knis, M., Dorf Ketal
Vijayaraghavan, S., DORF KETAL
Parvizi, B., Ghent University
The use of Sulfiding Agents in steam cracker furnaces is standard practice in the industry. Sulfiding agents thermally decompose in the furnace to generate H2S that reacts with the metal oxide to form a passivating metal sulfide. DMS and DMDS (di-methyl-sulfide and di-methyl-di-sulfide) have the highest market share despite their toxicity and bad odor. Sustainability and supply chain issues are motivating ethylene producers to look for other options. DORF KETAL has developed a new generation of Sulfiding Agents, presented to the market as SULSAFETM. In this paper, we will share laboratory and field data comparing DMDS with SULSAFETM.

The laboratory data is from the pilot ethylene furnace at GHENT University. Compared to DMDS, SULSAFETM is shown in the lab to potentially improve the yield of ethylene, propylene, and butadiene with a reduction of coke precursors and coke. CO control is improved with less sulfur. Decomposition studies are presented to show that DMDS generates CS2, meaningfully impacting the efficiency of conversion of sulfur to H2S while adding a harmful contaminant to the system. SULSAFETM thermal decomposition data is presented to show that it does not generate CS2.

Dorf Ketal field experiences confirm the lab data, providing valuable benefits in terms of furnace run length, CO control and yields. SULSAFETM offers excellent HSE characteristics and superior performance, contributing to the sustainable goals achievement of the current & future ethylene producers. For new units, this technology can reduce CAPEX for the injection systems as it not flammable and does not require nitrogen blanketing. Odor problems with DMDS are also eliminated.


This paper has an Extended Abstract file available; you must purchase the conference proceedings to access it.


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