(117a) Trends in on-Line Gas Chromatography and Unmet Needs | AIChE

(117a) Trends in on-Line Gas Chromatography and Unmet Needs


Kubala, W., The Dow Chemical Company
Spitler, R., Dow Inc.
On-line Gas Chromatography (GC) has been a part of the chemical industry since the mid 1950s. Many technological advances have been made in the industry since the first GC including improvements in sample conditioning systems, injection valves, columns, detectors, and finally data acquisition systems. As technology continues to develop, there is considerable interest in the chemical industry to install on-line analyzers or sensors near the sample point to both decrease sample transport time as well as eliminate the capital expense of installing a large shelter and the long term shelter maintenance.

This presentation will focus on recent technical improvements in on-line GC as well as discussion of the future unmet needs for process on-line gas chromatography, including using a shelterless gas chromatograph for analysis in chemical plants. In addition, a broader discussion of sample system design features including safety, sample integrity, reliability, maintainability, and cost will be included. An example installation of an on-line hydrocarbon analysis with a field mounted gas chromatograph will also be discussed. We will compare and contrast the specific technical merits of traditional gas chromatographs installed in climate controlled shelters and shelterless gas chromatographs.