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(83d) Nuclear Hydrogen Refinery (Pink Hydrogen to Ammonia)


Strait, R. - Presenter, Rice University
Nuclear Hydrogen Refinery (Pink Hydrogen to Ammonia)

By Richard B. Strait

Nuclear/Hydrogen Refinery: Nuclear Power plants are large water boilers producing both steam and power from the heat of the nuclear reaction. Hydrogen can be generated from electrifying water. Hydrogen on a grand scale is needed for us to move away from steam methane reforming to generate hydrogen. Wind and solar are too small to replace the SMRs we currently use but nuclear might. Nuclear power plant collocated with an industrial complex making finished products containing “green” hydrogen on an industrial scale would be a step out technology.

Fresh water supply is limited in many regions of the world and “green” hydrogen splits fresh water to produce both hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. Fresh water in our design comes from sea water as does most of the cooling requirement, specifically a sea water cooling tower.

The 1000 MW nuclear power plant provides the power for all applications in the generation of “green” hydrogen and those of the ammonia plant and all necessary offsites and utilities.

The ammonia plant produces 2000 MTPD of ammonia using a synthesis loop that takes it “green” hydrogen from the nuclear power plant and nitrogen from its air separation plant.

The offsites and utilities are integrated for a coastal location steam, water, “green” hydrogen and power all come from the nuclear plant. Plus port facilities for sea water intake and sea water cooling along with shipping of final products by sea.

The community and region also benefit from the supply of fresh water, power and “green” hydrogen. Many possibilities arise when excess water, power and “green” hydrogen are available.

R. B. Strait RBS1@Rice.edu

Adjunct Professor Rice University

November 30, 2021