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(66c) Mobile Worker Testbed for Chemical & Process Industries


Merrett, R. - Presenter, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Aglave, R., Siemens PLM Software
Biester, V., Siemens Digital Industries Software
Process manufacturers have a critical question to answer when it comes to addressing the applicability of Manufacturing 4.0 principles: How can one demonstrate the full stack of digital technologies available to the mobile worker in process industries, ultimately to realize a vision for what manufacturing 4.0 could realistically look like? This started with defining the ways in which manufacturing roles should transform. For example, as Plant Manager, I need to have summary data of my productivity, output, safety metrics, and any major roadblocks in meeting demand. I would like to be able to consult daily KPI dashboards that consolidate both run-plant and ERP-level information to give a holistic perspective on the state of operations. Or, as maintenance technician, I need to understand my equipment, the process, the problems, and if it is safe to perform my task. I would like to be able to consult process and equipment digital twins with a mobile interface or augmented reality device to prioritize work requests. I would like to use that same interface to notify personnel of active work and execute work instructions. I could safely complete my tasks because the mobile interface provides real-time, transparent information about the state of operations. Together with the team, we created multiple personas to address on the testbed, with the core motivation being to increase the availability of information.

The process testbed at MxD is designed to showcase how Digitalization can enable todays connected mobile worker. The testbed software brings together everything the individual requires to do their work, more efficiently. Valuable information is managed in one location, with tight integrations between the ERP, 3D Model, Lifecycle Management, Augmented Reality, Manufacturing Operations, Simulation and IIOT. Here, an Executable Digital Twin is recognized and Digital Twins are demonstrated, all from the plant floor with tablets and glasses.

Using a system design and simulation tool (Simcenter Flomaster) to be the platform to mimic the real system. This enables the user to run full scale tests virtually and reduce the cost as well as time in investigating the “what if” scenarios. All of the system components like pumps, valves, pipes and tanks are represented in the model with a digital counterpart. These components are driven by physical models. Instrumentation and control can be connected to the same PLC controllers and software that drive the physical test rig. real time results can be displayed as a gauge or meter or even superimposed with a color code right on the screen. This gives a way to know the variables not just where they are measured but all throughout the system.