(112c) Fundamentals of Hydrocracking Operation in Oil Refinery | AIChE

(112c) Fundamentals of Hydrocracking Operation in Oil Refinery


Karre, A. - Presenter, Worley Group
The goal of this paper is to present basic fundamentals of hydrocracking operation in a refinery. Different types of feed stocks and the purpose of hydrocracking is explained with sample feed stocks. The role of hydrocracker in the grand scheme of refinery process and petrochemical integration is explained using multiple sketches. Details of hydrocracking reactions involved in the reactors is explained. Different reactor stages i.e., single stage vs two stage options are discussed with advantages and disadvantages. Different operating conditions and common operations problems are explained with examples. Potential limitation of the process is discussed. The role and importance of fractionator in the hydrocracker unit complex is discussed. The hydrogen requirement, the recycle gas compressor, and oil-to-gas ratio is explained in relation to the product yield. Safety aspects of the process is touched briefly.


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