(83a) Optimization and Design of Condensers in Oil and Gas Refinery | AIChE

(83a) Optimization and Design of Condensers in Oil and Gas Refinery


Karre, A. - Presenter, Worley Group
Design and optimization of condensers in process industry is very critical because the condenser controls the pressure of the distillation column. The pressure in the column dictates the product quality and mass transfer profile. The phase separation of the Vapor / Liquid can reduce performance of a condenser due a lower condensing temperature. The pressure drop predictions are not precise in the industry. High pressure drop designs can suffer performance problems due to inaccurate pressure profiles. An effective design technique is explained for water cooled and air fin fan condensers. Basic math used to design is explained using several formulas. Empirical film coefficients and vapor/liquid interfacial shear impact on condensing heat transfer coefficient is explained. Different heat transfer coefficient used for various services is explained. Driving force for condenser design is explained using several charts and graphs.


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