(55d) Simulating and Design of an Amine Treatment Unit | AIChE

(55d) Simulating and Design of an Amine Treatment Unit


Karre, A. - Presenter, Worley Group
Amine treatment unit is the treatment processing unit in the refinery which removes acid gas, has mainly hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia, from hydrocarbons. Hydrogen sulfide gas is unwanted in many processes and end products to either meet product quality or to avoid corrosion in process equipment / piping. This paper looks closer at why amine units are important, and the chemical reactions involved. A typical amine unit is explained, and simulation basics are explained using ProMax. A simplified design calculation for columns, heat exchangers, and vessels is explained. A common thumb rule for designing these requirements is explained. A pressure and temperature relationship on the amine quality are explained. Effect and selection guide for choosing amine w.r.t type of hydrocarbon and the product purity is mentioned. The need for amine filtration is discussed. The amine loading concept in designing absorber and stripper columns is discussed. Thermodynamic package, number of trays, tray efficiency, jet flood, and weir loads is discussed using Promax. The concept of amine concentration, effect of column pressure, and method to avoid corrosion is explained.


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