Mindful Methods to Create Profound Shifts in Personal and Corporate Life | AIChE

Mindful Methods to Create Profound Shifts in Personal and Corporate Life


McDowell, L., Matheson

In this session, Lisa M. Liszcz, Ph.D. will help you plan for more energy in your life! She will describe how the workplace is evolving in the #Metoo and #TimesUp era and discuss the need for balance between masculine and feminine energies within individuals, teams, and organizations. Do you go home from work drained and exhausted? Is your mantra “I gave at the office”? Participate in this session, and you will take a brief proprietary quiz to find your unique Energy Style. You will make a plan to stay in your Energy Style. Never go home exhausted again. Based on her best-selling book, Feminine Emergence™, Dr. Liszcz will outline practical steps for bringing masculine and feminine energies to life at work. Her insightful stories from her personal history, her interviews with forty-four professional mid-career women, and references to pop culture will show the value of bringing more feminine energy into our companies and organizations. In her book, Feminine Emergence, Dr. Liszcz outlines what is missing from a life, a team, or an organization that is out of balance. She will give an overview of her book in this instructive presentation. This new and emerging view of life and work will inspire you to engage talents and gifts that are available to all of us for more collaboration, inclusion and productivity.



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