(94b) Wall-Liquid Mass Transfer in Liquid-Liquid Flow Systems

Sarma, G. V. S., Andhra University College of Engineering (A)
Ashok Kumar, K., Andhra University College of Engineering (A)
Mass transfer coefficient data are obtained between a flowing liquid electrolyte and column wall of an electrochemical flow reactor in which the flowing electrolyte acted as continuous phase and kerosene acted as dispersed phase. In the present study focus is also made at the enhancement in mass transfer coefficient due to addition of a third phase. It is observed that the addition of either gas phase or fluidizing solids or both yielded only marginal augmentation in mass transfer coefficient. Also it is noticed that the presence of turbulent promoter could not result in reckonable enhancement in mass transfer coefficient. Correlation equations are obtained by subjecting the data on mass transfer coefficient to least square regression analysis.


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