(68c) Helixchanger® Heat Exchanger - Case Studies and Experimental Program | AIChE

(68c) Helixchanger® Heat Exchanger - Case Studies and Experimental Program


Jibb, R. - Presenter, Mc Dermott
Case studies spanning 20 years of experience with Lummus Technology’s HELIXCHANGER®[1] heat exchanger technology provide a body of evidence that this technology can be used to improve performance, address vibration risks, increase run length and reduce total operating expense (OPEX) especially for certain fouling or viscous fluids. Laboratory testing of HELIXCHANGER bundles provides insights into the mechanisms involved, and a basis for future predictive models for this type of equipment. Some recommended practices recommended for segmental baffles may not be optimal for HELIXCHANGER helical baffles, and research is ongoing to develop arrangements more appropriate for a helical flow pattern. Some promising initial results are presented.


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