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(54a) In Business No Doesn't Always Mean No, Dig Deeper


Have you ever wanted to ask a question, but were afraid the answer would be no? Can I have a raise, can I manage this project, Is my performance good? Or, have you ever asked a question and been told no without a reason, or when you felt the answer should have been yes? In sales, when a customer says no, do you leave and not come back? Does no mean I am on the wrong track or misinterpreted something?

If you’ve considered saying yes to any of those questions, then this workshop is for you. This workshop will deal with all the above and more. You will learn how to accept a no and how you might turn it to a yes. We will discuss strategies on how to make the most out of a no answer, when the answer really is no. And no can mean may things: no, forever; no, definitely not; no, not now but maybe later; no, I’m too busy to think about it; no, maybe ; or even no, but I really mean yes. We will look at different situations to determine what no really means. We will practice receiving the answer no and turning it into a positive situation.


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