(21c) Scaleup of CO2 Electrolyzers | AIChE

(21c) Scaleup of CO2 Electrolyzers


Masel, R. - Presenter, Dioxide Materials
Liu, Z. - Presenter, Dioxide Materials
Carillo, D. - Presenter, Dioxide Materials
Sculley, J. - Presenter, ALCHEMR, INC.
This paper will discuss Dioxide Materials efforts to scale their existing CO2 electrolyzers from the 1.5 watt laboratory units to 10 kW pilot scale units. Efforts included increasing the current per unit area from 200 mA/cm2 to 500 mA/cm2, switching from single cells with 5 cm2 active area to stacks of cells each of which had 600 cm2. New issues that arose including maintaining electrical contact over a large area, developing improved methods for bubble removal, developing a cooling system to maintain cell temperatures, and installing the needed safety systems. Improvements that allowed the needed performance to be achieved will be discussed.