Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas: Science & Technology Advancement | AIChE

Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas: Science & Technology Advancement


McLennan, J., University of Utah


Panja, P., University of Utah

Unconventional oil and natural gas (UOG) resources, which include resources contained in shale and other low-permeability geological formations, are transforming the energy industry in the U.S. and, increasingly, around the world. Rapid growth in the availability of UOG is an opportunity, but recovery efficiencies are commonly low in these reservoirs. Current development approaches are not yet achieving an optimal balance of high resource utilization and low environmental impact. Worldwide, field-based research projects as well as fundamental laboratory and pilot-scale studies are underway to improve understanding of the efficiency of UOG development. This session will focus on critical knowledge gaps in our understanding of subsurface hydraulic fracture geometry and optimal completion/stimulation strategies for the most efficient recovery of UOG resources. Experimental or simulation themed topics of interest include, but are not limited to, reduced water content hydraulic fracturing fluids and equipment that can reduce the volume of water required for fracturing, advanced hydraulic fracturing far field diagnostic methods to enhance understanding of created fracture geometry, technologies to enhance effectiveness of re-fracturing operations, and methods to improve gas recovery efficiency along the entire stimulated interval.




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