Interfacial Chemical Conversion | AIChE

Interfacial Chemical Conversion


Flaherty, D., University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign


Guo, P., Yale University

Improved understanding of catalytic processes at interfaces is crucial for energy harvesting, energy storage, and chemical manufacturing technologies. Recent developments in material design, spectroscopic characterization, ab initio calculations, and synchrotron techniques have significantly advanced understanding of interfacial chemistry and catalysis relevant for chemical and energy conversion. These advances bring new insight to the effects of solvation on catalysis at solid surfaces, the design of extended binding sites for reactions in liquid solutions, fundamental connections between electrocatalytic and chemical catalytic processes, and development of interface-selective spectroscopies for understanding catalytic reactions and intermediates. This session provides a venue for researchers to discuss new uses for established methods and emerging scientific approaches that will bring greater understanding of interfacial processes central to energy conversion and chemical production.




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