Continuous Processing in Drug Substance and Drug Product: Integrated Processes | AIChE

Continuous Processing in Drug Substance and Drug Product: Integrated Processes


Rowe, J., Merck


Armiger, T., Carnegie Mellon University

Continuous processing for drug substance development and manufacturing continues to be explored by industrial and academic researchers because this mode of operation has several advantages over traditional batch processing. This session focuses on the advancement of continuous processing technology for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and intermediates by covering a range of operations from continuous flow reactions to integrated continuous unit operations. Presentations in this session will demonstrate development of continuous flow reactions and their advantages. Additionally, presentations in this session will showcase how key reaction information can be obtained in a resource-sparing manner by combining flow reactors with automation and process analytical technologies. Furthermore, as discussed by several talks in this session, including continuous work-up and isolation unit operations with flow reactors enhances the overall process and gradually leads to the end-to-end continuous manufacturing of API.



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