Cells, Organs, and Labs on a Chip | AIChE

Cells, Organs, and Labs on a Chip


Stoppel, W., University of Florida
Smith, Q., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This session will include abstracts covering the development of chip-based technologies, microfluidics, or other small devices that model cell, tissue, and organ function or disease progression with minimalist and microscale approaches. This approach could have applications on drug development, augmenting clinical and pre-clinical studies, with an eye toward recreating or partially capturing human physiology. Platforms can include microfluidics, cells and biomaterials, dynamic extracellular signals, and perhaps even multiple tissues/organs linked together toward whole-body integration. If you are on the faculty market for the 2022-2023 application season, please submit your scientific abstract to the Division 15 Faculty Candidate session, noting the area (e.g., 15 D/E) to which your work applies.



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