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Engineering two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials is important in membrane technology. The presentation will primarily focus on the strategies used to engineer 2D nanomaterials such as noble metals, MXenes, metal organic frameworks (MOFs), layered double hydroxide (LDH), and graphene for efficient membrane-based water purification. The correlation of the unique properties and rational design of 2D nanomaterials with respect to their performances in nanofiltration, solar still, and membrane distillation applications, will be described using experimental data and computational simulations. Finally, an innovative approach to using advanced three-dimensional (3D) printing technology (i.e. aerosol jet printing) of two-dimensional graphene-based materials for membrane technology will also be discussed.

Keywords: Nanotechnology; 2D nanomaterials; Engineering; Water; 3D printing


Prof. Edison Ang gratefully acknowledge the NAMIC-NTUitive, NIE-SUG, NIE AcRF and MOE Funds for supporting his research works.


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