(535e) Thermogravimetric and Kinetic Study of Hemp and Milkweed | AIChE

(535e) Thermogravimetric and Kinetic Study of Hemp and Milkweed


Kim, J., Kyung Hee University
Agblevor, F., Utah State University
Hemp and Milkweed are a kind of biomass which can be easily cultivated with rapid growth rate. As a renewable resource, herbaceous biomass feedstock such as Hemp and Milkweed are promising for the production of bio-oil. Pyrolysis of Milkweed was carried out in a thermogravimetric analyzer to understand their pyrolysis characteristics, and pyrolysis kinetics of those materials was studied using a micro tubing reactor. Hemp and Milkweed decomposed mainly for 250~410 ℃ and 200~500 ℃at heating rates of 5-20 ℃/min, respectively, and those of average apparent activation energy were 100.27 kJ mol-1 and 156.43.7 kJ mol-1 within pyrolysis conversion of 10~80%. The kinetic parameters of Hemp and Milkweed pyrolysis were determined using nonlinear least-squares regression of the experimental data assuming first-order kinetics. The kinetic rate constants indicated that the predominant reaction pathway was A (Biomass) to B (Liquid), rather than A (Biomass)to C (Gas; C1-C4) and/or B (Liquid) to C (Gas; C1-C4)at temperatures of 330-370 °C.