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(493f) Discovery of Maximum Drag Enhancement Asymptote in Turbulent Flow of Dilutepolymeric Solutions

Khomami, B. - Presenter, University of Tennessee
Liu, N., University of Science and Technology of China
Zhu, Y., University of Science and Technology of China
The existence of a maximum drag enhancement (MDE) asymptote at high rotation Ro, and
Weissenberg (Wi) numbers, in turbulent viscoelastic spanwise-rotating plane Couette flow has been
discovered. Specifically, above a critical Wi, drag enhancement plateaus and the MDE asymptote
is realized. The mean velocity profiles at MDE attain a unique log law profile that has an identical
slope but different intercepts as a function of Ro. MDE occurs in the elasto-inertial turbulence (EIT)
flow state; hence, it is mainly sustained by elastic forces much alike the maximum drag reduction
(MDR) asymptote, indicating that elastically induced drag modification asymptotes, i.e., MDR or
MDE are an inherent property of EIT.